"Franco Federico will never forget that incredible moment, he was meandering through the back streets of Rome with his beloved five-year-old daughter Ariana. Sweating, frustrated, feeling somewhat lost, he suddenly came upon the magnificent Fountain of Trevi! One of Rome's and the world's greatest and most powerful monuments, Trevi took his breath away.The fountain refreshed the way worn travelers considerably. The Federicos had their splash, tossing their coins in to assure their return (it had already worked for Franco!) He vowed that when he opened his next restaurant, he would pay due tribute to this marvelous fountain and the feelings it evoked"........By Frank D. Quattrone Ticket Editor June 23, 1999

"Success for a restaurant is how you care for your people - your customers and your staff. People love coming here because they know how much I love being with them, then they tell their friends and bring them here too."

Franco is originally from Calabria Italy, a former industrial chemist who concedes that he brings his love of concoctions and chemistry to the kitchen.