May 9, 2008

Dear Franco,

I wanted to let you know that I am extremely thankful to you and all of the Fountainside family for the professionalism and attention to details for our party on Saturday evening May 17, 2008. As you know the affair was a surprise for my wife Barb and thankfully, she was indeed surprised. The attention to detail included the hostess, who had our name on the table "roster", crossed it off and led us to the "middle room", which was an ideal setting for our affair.
Our servers, Beth and Kim were marvelous and so personable! They were quick to approach me to go over any details and this was a comfort to me. They performed all of their functions in a most pleasant and professional manner which was so deeply appreciated as I could now "relax" that we had indeed surprised Barb. We even completed the evening speaking with them on the front porch which showed me that they were so genuine in the attention they showed our guests all evening.
Our guests, all of whom had never been to the restaurant raved about the servers, service and the food. Every aspect of the evening was to my high expectations and I must tell you that rarely occurs. I had requested attention to detail and we did indeed receive that. Finally, Franco was quick to approach me after the surprise and be a most gracious and caring host. I did notice his "checking" occasionally throughout the evening and he was quick to get up from his table and speak with us at the end of the evening to complete a wonderful experience. I could not have asked for a better experience.
Pat, please feel free to share this note with Franco and you fine staff. You should know that I, like most people do not let folks know when they are very pleased. Since I was I felt compelled to let you know my appreciation.
Thank you for the attention to detail in making this a very special occasion for our family.

Very truly yours,

John P. Townsend
Sept. 2007

Dear Franco,

From the time of our first visit you greeted us and welcomed us as "Family". Lenny and I appreciated your personal touch and your presence, stopping by our table to say hello and see if everything was OK. So when it came time to plan a surprise party for Lenny I did not have to think twice. ~Fountainside was it!
I appreciated our phone conversations, your assistance in planning and your personal touch. From appetizers to desserts our celebration was spectacular! All of our guests enjoyed the presentation- the aromas and taste, the courteous and professional service, and the atmosphere, so once again thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me make Lenny’s 60th Birthday party one He’ll remember fondly for a long time!

With love,

Ilene Victor

Feb. 12, 2007

Dear People at the Fountainside:

We have been coming to the Fountainside for several years, and have always had a wonderful meal there. It's one of our favorite restaurants. We've brought quite a few friends there, and all of our children, and it's always been a superior dining experience. One of our friends is handicapped, and he especially appreciated the ramp, which made it easier for him. He'd been there before, with family members, and was happy to be back.
Last Saturday night we celebrated my birthday at Fountainside, and it was just perfect! We had a wonderful table, quite private, which was a good thing, since we had a young baby with us, our new granddaughter. We had a super waitress, who served beautifully and superbly took care of everyone. The birthday cake, a gift from the management, was absolutely delicious. Our children travel a lot, and frequently dine in fine restaurants, and they all commented on the quality of the food, the presentation and even the beautiful murals on the walls. The duck was a big hit with our daughter-in-law, who praised it highly, and my husband and I opted for our favorite walnut-encrusted salmon, which was delicious, as always.
We look forward to continuing to patronize your fine restaurant often, and thank you all so much for a memorable evening and fine dining!

Yours truly,

Ruth Hauler

Dear Franco,

"Friends are Flowers in the garden of Life"
Thank you for making my birthday and uncle Enzo’s birthday very special!
May God Bless you!

Theresa Talarico

Dear Franco,

Thank you for all you did for their lovely luncheon for Bill Funeral. Your staff as usual did a terrific job. I have included a little extra for each of the severs. Your friendship and hospitality at the fountain side was always enjoyed by bill and I thank you for all.

Peggy Burns

Dear Sir,

We would like to express our appreciation for the superb presentation and delicious luncheon honoring my husband and father, Andrew Perry on Jan 15th. Your efficient staff was extremely kind to all who attended.


Helen Fala
Andrea Sweeney
Helen Perry


I just wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation to the wait staff Chefs and especially our waitress who took care of us on Sunday Dec. 10.
The food was fabulous and our waitress could not have been any nicer.
People often write or call restaurants to complain, but I wanted to send my compliments to your and your entire staff. Everyone was courteous and helpful, even to the children who, I’m sorry, got restless after awhile.

Thank you again for a wonderful dining experience.


Dear Franco,

Just wanted to let you know that we responded to your generous coupon for Saturday night dinner. We just returned home from a sumptuous feast. I enjoyed the twin lobster tails, and my husband Bart enjoyed the sirloin steak. I must confess, we traded off a little and both enjoyed a surf and turf specialty. Thank you for your professional attention. We appreciated the extra discount on a weekend. As always, Fountain Side remains our favorite restaurant.




August 2, 2007

Dear Franco:

Just a brief note of thanks for your contribution to making this year's Pasquetta a tremendous success. My brothers, my sister and I are extremely grateful to all of you for keeping alive my mother's desire of celebrating one of the most beautiful traditions in Italy, Pasquetta. The Times Herald was represented that day by Stan B. Huskey, the editor of the paper. He was kind enough to print the enclosed article in the paper on July 26, 2007. The article, like most newspaper articles, is not complete or accurate. Some names are missing but overall the article is rather positive. Also enclosed is a color picture of the event. Hopefully, the picture will bring back pleasant memories of a great day. Thank you again for making this a memorable day.


Submitted photo
Mario Mele, above center with the microphone, is surrounded by all of the chefs who cooked at the Pasquetta, or Little Easter, in Fort Washington in late spring. The chefs include, from left, Vince Alberici, Terrace Inn at Longwood Gardens; Giuseppe Giuliani, Lamberti's Cafe; Oreste D'Elia, Milano Foods; Gino Razzi, Viva Vino; Nunzio Patruno, Nunzio Ristorante Rustico; Bernard Loke, Ashley Meat; Mario Mele; Josephine Leone, Ristorante San Marco; Franco Faggi; Ottavio of Ambler provided the music; and Franco Federico, Fountain Side Seafood & Grill.

‘Little Easter’ celebration

Times Herald July 26, 2007

Pasqua is the word that describes Italy's major Christian holiday of Easter. Traditionally, Southern Italy celebrates the Monday after Easter in the countryside with a special picnic called Pasquetta, or Little Easter.
Former Montgomery County commissioners Chairman Mario Mele and his brothers, Anthony, Salvatore, Michael and his sister Ann, have upheld the tradition of Pasquetta in their Fort Washington compound for more than 25 years. Each year the event has grown in attendance and elegance of food as prepared by the chefs and proprietors of the premier Italian restaurants in the Delaware Valley. The wine served is the annual vintage of Casa Mele wine made from a variety of California grapes using formulas from Mario's family of Calabria, Italy.
The menu for this greatly anticipated Pasquetta event traditionally consists of roasted spring lamb and other grilled meats. Other delicacies includ¬ed grilled quail, roasted baby pig, grilled anchovies and a superb cold salad of grilled calamari. Extra sharp provolone, parmigiana reggiano, gor¬gonzola and mozzarella were some of the cheeses presented with proscuito and a variety of olives.
Pasquetta is truly an occasion to welcome the coming of spring and to share life's bounties with family and friends.
Chef Nunzio Patruno of Nunzio Restaurante Rustico led the list of chefs with Toto Schiavone of Moonstruck, Joseph Talluto of Talluto Foods in East Norriton, and Adam Mele of Sam's Italian Market.
This year more than 300 guests attended the event, including his Eminence Cardinal Anthony Bevilaqua, Montgomery County President Judge Richard Hogdson and his wife Noel, Italian Counsul General Dr. Stefano Mistretta and his wife Gabriella. The children in attendance particularly enjoyed the opportunity to play in the pastures with the grazing sheep and their 14 lambs in the Mele compound.

June 9, 2000

Dear Sir or Madam:

On Friday, June 2nd., our company had a going away luncheon for two of our employees at your establishment. I must stop to take the time to tell you the compliments that were received as a result of our afternoon with you.
We have had several luncheons as a group at other establishments, and this is one of the few times everything went smoothly. Often when we have a larger group, such as we had last week, the servers seem unprepared for us, we run out of beverages, our orders take too long to come out, and then are not hot. This certainly was not the case at the FountainSide. Everyone enjoyed their meal and was grateful for our very pleasant waitresses.
Lastly, thanks for taking some of the worries off of me by listening patiently to all of my requests and following through with everything you said you would do. We hope to visit your restaurant again in the future.


Coleen Edinger
RohMax USA, Inc.

December 21, 1999

Dear Franco,

On behalf of the entire firm and all of our guests who attended our holiday celebration, I would like to thank you for making our holiday celebration a joyous occasion. The food was phenomenal and the service was great.
I cannot tell you how much fun we had. Our servers, Justino, Marshall and Enzo, treated us just like we were family! We really couldn't have asked for anything more.
Thank you again for a wonderful evening. We are sure to return for our holiday celebration in 2000 and throughout the year.



Nov. 8, 1999

Dear Franco,

I just wanted to let you know, how much I enjoy your dinners. Your food is superb, your veal gourmet, not to mention your fruit torte. I know food, since I have eaten in the best places around the world, and I would compare it to any of them…Your service is very friendly and efficient, when ever I recommend your restaurant to some one they are always very happy.

Very Sincerely yours,

Ruth M. Bank